Motivate Yourself to be Your BEST® by using 4 easy steps. This simple character education program is devoted to helping individuals, teams and organizations become their personal best.
Evan Partalis: Recovery, Day 1

Recovery: Day 1

This program was born out of a personal catastrophic accident that resulted in four years of dedication to survival and recapturing one’s life. Enduring nine surgeries; thirty 5 hour days in a hyperbaric chamber; and endless hours of physical therapy, limb lengthening and walking became a reality. An excellent medical team, caring educators, and devoted family and friends helped make this dream come true. B.E.S.T. is a set of tools specifically designed to assist those in search of becoming their Potential BEST.

Evan on the ski slopes after recovery

Evan Graduation

By discussing, implementing, and practicing over one hundred hours of specialized strategies and activities, participants are able to engage in techniques that help them achieve their personal goals. This program is designed to complement individual learning styles and targeted to varying age ranges.
Motivate Yourself to be Your BEST®
  • Befriend only those who bring out the BEST in you.
  • Excel in your natural talents.
  • Set goals and do something everyday to achieve them.
  • Treat others with the same level of respect of which you want to be treated.
“The most important thing I experienced from the B.E.S.T. program last year was a deeper sensitivity towards peoples’ feelings. I got to know people on a different level, which taught me not to be so quick to judge a person.”

Eaton Academy Student, Andrea Yilling

“After being a part of the BEST program, I feel like a better person. Not only does it help our students focus on being the BEST they can be, it brings a sense of optimism and positive thinking to the classroom.”

Judy Stickel, Classroom Teacher (PLU participant)